Thursday, 1 April 2010

Edfith Nawakwi Must Resign

SOME members of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) have called on their president Edith Nawakwi to resign on moral grounds.
Interim chairman for revival of FDD in Kabwata Constituency, Brebner Changala said Ms Nawakwi has allegedly failed to run party affairs and has resorted to insulting President Banda to gain cheap political mileage.
Mr Changala said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that it will be cardinal for Ms Nawakwi to resign on her own than be forced out of office.
“As the FDD in Kabwata Constituency, we demand that Ms Nawakwi resign on moral grounds because her behaviour is contrary to that of FDD,” he said.
Mr Changala said Ms Nawakwi has no moral right to attack President Banda when the tone of her langauge is parallel to what she preaches.
“Our party president has no right to call the Republican President incompetent when she has no morals, that is unacceptable. She has really undressed our party,” he said.
Mr Changala said the Zambian tradition does not allow women to insult in public like Ms Nawakwi is doing despite her involvement in politics.
“How will people respect her as a woman when she is in the forefront of insulting men and to make matters worse, the head of state,” he said.
Mr Changala accused Ms Nawakwi of having joined the Patriotic Front (PF).
“FDD members are reliably informed that their party president is organising herself to make an alliance with the PF in the 2011 elections because she cannot stand on her own,” he said.
Mr Changala alleged that Ms Nawakwi’s tone is that of the PF.
“She knows very well that she has made our party like a sinking titanic and it is practically impossible for her to win elections even within the FDD because members do not want anything to do with her,” he said.
Mr Changala accused Ms Nawakwi of being scared to call for a party convention because of her recent alleged misconduct in public.
He said FDD members will not accept any proposal aimed at joining any alliance as planned by Ms Nawakwi.
Mr Changala recommended FDD vice-president Chifumu Banda for the party presidency.
And FDD founder member in Kabwata Constituency Thomas Kaluba said it is imperative for the party president to vacate office voluntarily than being thrown out.Mr Kaluba said FDD members want progressive leaders and not leaders without a vision.
“FDD can be no more if we let such a leader full of insults to lead the party. Honestly, what will young FDD members emulate from her?” he asked.
Mr Kaluba said FDD is a party with good morals and Ms Nawakwi’s behaviour is unacceptable.
“As founder members of FDD we want our incumbent party president to step down as soon as possible, failure to which we are going to petition her to disassociate herself from the party,” he said.

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