Thursday, 1 April 2010

In the next few days we will examine what the political leaders say and why we should vote for the them. Here I wish to state that Zambia Insights dose not take any sides but gives you the campaign slogans and verbalism of the aspiring people its up to you the people to debate and see what is best for you the people

Today we start of with HH and UPND.

5 Reasons to Vote HH and UPND

1. UPND will create more and better jobs with pension and raise your income tax reduction

2. UPND will provide you with quality health care and food supply

3. UPND will invest in schools, teachers and training and provide quality and free education for all

4. UPND will work for all people in Zambia without discrimination

5. UPND will provide clean and experienced leaders and candidates who care for you to bring change for a better future.

Lets discuss the above if need be lets delve a little deeper and ask the questions as this is how we will form better choices for us and the future of Zambia. We and Zambia Insights are currently working on getting the various leaders to do live chats with you the people.

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