Thursday, 1 April 2010

Second republican president Frederick Chiluba has voiced out on the red card campaign describing it as illegal.
The red card campaign being spearheaded by Father Frank Bwalya and a consortium of civil society organizations seeks among other objectives to force government to appeal against the acquittal of Dr Chiluba.
Dr. Chiluba’s spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba said the whole campaign is illegal and should not be allowed to continue.
Mr. Mwamba said the red card campaign is aimed at removing the legitimate government from power.
He added that Dr Chiluba is not bothered by the campaign being championed by the civil society organizations because it is illegal.
Mr. Mwamba has also said civil society organizations championing the red card campaign should not pretend to be fighting for the Zambian people when they are just pursuing their selfish agendas.
Mr. Mwamba said Zambians are not calling for the appeal against the acquittal of Dr Chiluba.

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