Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Two Lusaka Teachers testify in pupil’s defilement case

Two witnesses from Grace Academy in Lusaka’s Makeni area have testified in court in a case in which a 10 year old girl was allegedly defiled.

Karen Kapokola a teacher at the institution told the court that on 18 February 2010 she noticed that the named girl was walking with her legs apart. She said she called the girl and asked her what was wrong and the girl revealed that an elderly man had done what she termed as “bad manners” to her.

Miss Kapokola said at that point she took the girl to the head teacher who later reported the matter to police.

And Grace Academy Head teacher and Acting Principle Josephine Mwanza told the court that she checked the girl’s private parts and took her to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for a medical checkup where it was confirmed that the girl had been defiled.

And the 10 year old girl identified the man who she claims had carnal knowledge of her in February.

Facts before the court are that on dates unknown but between 13th and 18th February 2010, 20 year old Dickson Siampika had carnal knowledge of a 10 year old girl in Lusaka’s Misisi compound.

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