Monday, 26 April 2010

Violence In Mufumbwe

The violence being carried out in Mufumbwe is indeed a sad development in the nineteen years since Zambia’s return to multi party politics or the third republic.

The fact that the sitting government has allowed this anarchy to continue seems to send out a message that they will do all that’s in their power to hold on to political power ignoring the will of the people. The will of the people is the cornerstone of democracy and we all know that the principles of democracy were written hundreds of years ago and to return to violence is to abandon democracy totally.

We say this in the wake of the violence carried out by MMD carders in full view of the Inspector General of police who is said to be vying for a parliamentary seat on the MMD ticket. If that is the case it’s another issue that needs to be confronted as this borders if not is the abuse of office and he therefore should step down. We would feather state that his failure to order the riot police to deal with the thugs that were perpetrating the violence is a total lack of leadership required for the position he holds.

MMD must at all costs rein in their carders for they are the ruling party and to have the nation in arms will only stifle the development of Zambia and the so called courted investors will slowly wilt away.

The leaders of MMD must realize that it’s not about staying in power but the future of Zambia as individuals we will all pass on but Zambia will remain note all those that have passed on including late president Mwanawasa have been replaced so lets have a mindset that puts Zambia first not our own self serving needs.

To the UPND/PF pact restraint is something that you will have to also instill in your carders for to retaliate only causes more friction that we as a nation do not need at all. Stop the Violence its not worth it after all we are all Zambian

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