Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Note All Aspiring Presidential Candidates Of Zambia.

Note to all aspiring presidential candidates The way forward for Zambia is to Reduce corporate tax to 20%, Income tax 15% and VAT 10%
It is paramount that we reduce government expenditure, cut cost on travel, vehicles and fuel, telephones, size of govt and politiking. Yes, you'll have revenue loss initially, but you'll be setting and creating a Real Boom for the future. Most corporates will relocate their HQs to Zambia boosting employment for many of nationals. People will have real money to save and invest (curbing corruption) and goods and services will be affordable creating a very attractive economic environment. No need for special incentives. We should not live and believe that government's (GRZ) over blown expenditure is normal and should be acceptable. Most of revenue goes to consumption. How much does GRZ spend on travel, fuel, communication, entertainment, workshops etc? What is the size of cabinet, is it necessary? Do we need Distict Commissioners? These are the questions you should be asking. Let's think of running govt the same way one would run a profitable geared company. Costs cost cost, as at now we bleed kwachas as if there's no tomorrow.
Lets make a simple comparison of what our priorities are as at present. The cost of a FULL HOUSE TOYOTA VX IS USD160,000= the cost of a modern incubator is USD80,000= the cost of the new COMPUTERLINKED TB DETECTION MACHINE from Germany is USD13,000= landed and cleared ITS PRIORITISATION. None of the manifesto's says they going put a MORITORIAM on PERSONAL TO HOLDER VEHICLES and buy all the necesaary health and education equipment ITS NOT A QUESTION OF SUSTAINABILITY ITS A QUESTION OF SERIOUS BOTTOM UP DEVELOPMENT PLANNING. The challenge is to learn NOT TO ENSLAVE AND INDEBT FUTURE UNBORN GENERATIONS at the EXPENSE OF ALREADY BLOATED STOMACHS.

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