Saturday, 9 July 2011

Other Zambian Terms or Phrases

Other Terms/Phrases

  • Kwendo mu Tank
    stepping on it/or driving at high speeds/driving off.

e.g.:Pamene wenzo tuma phone nenze kwendo mu Tank mu Cairo Road.

  • Kwendo mu Njila
    Going/One who is always on the move/the act of leaving
  • Gillette
    leaving /act of running away[The term originated from the Sports show “Gillette World Sport Special” as a result of its association with sporting activities such as races/running/sprinting,it was adopted as a term to mean running away and later on to mean leaving/going]

e.g.:Mu Boys ana chaya Gillette baka pokola/Na chaya Gillette.

  • Mau lendo
    leaving/trip e.g.:Ali mau lendo pamene tikamba so.
  • Shot
    steal/leave/throw e.g.: Bani chaya shot cellphone/Na chaya shot ku bond boi/Banamu chaya shot malegeni ku matako.
  • Yenza
    steal e.g. Bani Yenzela cellphone baka ponya mu station.
  • Lusaka
    To get conned/steal – "bani chaya Lusaka ma tyre ya motoka"/"Ma boys bamu Katondo bani chaya Lusaka phone yamene na gulisa".
  • Kitwe
    To get fucked in the ass.

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