Saturday, 9 July 2011

ZP or Buju Slag Yapa Zed

ZP (Zambia Police) slang

This is Nyanjaslang that has been passed on from Generation to Generation in the Military and Police Service Training Academies. All service men and women who join the Force usually ‘Graduate’ from the academies with at least full knowledge of “Police Jargon” incorporated into Nyanja as well as its distinct accent. This is evident when one speaks to or hears Police/Military personnel conversing. This also makes it easy to identify them even when in plain clothes from the manner in which they speak.Also ,Members of the public or civilians humorously refer the initials 'Z.P' in Nyanjaas "Zabwino Palibe" (Nothing Good),due to the manner in which the Police 'Man Handle' Suspects/convicts during custodial situations.

  • Anso
    Again/In fact/(may be used as question tag) - Wabwela Anso?/si ndiwe anso?
    Refers to Zambian Government.
    (used to show respect) alternative for 'Boss'
    Any Traffic offence.
    isn’t it?/Fast: - si choncho ati ndiwe una tundila ku galimoto ya Boma?/Ubwele choncho ku station otherwise nima mbama chabe uka fika.
    Motor Vehicle.
    Hotel Luanda
    Kabwata Police Station Jail/Cells.
    As you wish:e.g. Captain:Uyende anso ku Lilayi naba silikali ba tatu mu lete mpolyo mpolyo,Junior Officer:(Salutes)Inde Mwami!
    Ku Chimwa/ku lakwa
    To be Guilty: e.g. wa chimwa iwe,uza kamba ku sogolo.
    Ma Wenge
    (used to show respect) Cop/High Ranked Officer.
    Mu Silikali/Ba Silikali
    May refer to a Soldier or Policeman.
    Mpolyo Mpolyo
    Gun/AK 47 Rifle.
    Arrested/locked up. Literately the act a suspect of being thrown into a Police Van.
    Literally 'Remand' - Pre-charge detention.
    'Uza kamba ku sogolo'
    ZP Miranda Rights – "You will speak when you get to the Police Station". This is synonymous with the English Miranda rights; “You have the Right to Remain Silent” the phrase is usually used during custodial situations at the point of arrest.
    Zabwino Palibe.(Ain't Nothing Nice)

[edit]ZP - Police/Military slang Language Mix

This kind of language(*Relatively Unheard of*) is a mixture of the native Zambian languageNyanja with common ZP(Zambia Police) Phrases.It is made up of mating zp Phrases with Nyanja words producing a recipe that confuses people who know little of ZP slang words/Phrases. Below is a comparison of two sentences with same meaning one in native Nyanja and the other being the ZP/NyanjaMix.[The language is spoken with an accent just as the Zambian Police Service officers do].

  • Native : Boi,ine manje na yambapo ku yenda bond.
  • ZP - MIX : Boi,ise naku chaya Gillete ku bond.


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