Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It is so sad that at a time when neighbouring South Africa is commissioning a billion Rands electric train as part of the service provision for their people, our youths are commissioning insults and exchanging personal bitterness as a prelude to a major general election.
Zambia is a beautiful country even without any national infrastructural development and today our major crisis is LEADERSHIP.

To date, we have no single human person in Zambia that can stand up and say he/she is a youth leader because he was chosen by the YOUTH. None!
Today, we have no single youth that safely proclaim that he/she knows exactly what he has been sent by the YOUTH to achieve for the COUNTRY.
Today, we have not a single youth leader that can claim that he/she knows that Zambia needs to be turned round in great specifics that can even earn that youth respect and applause from all its people.
Today, we have no clear youth leader that have the data and information on how best Zambia's development and wealth creation problems can be sorted out.
Today, we have no single youth leader that is openly disgusted by the mediocrity that reigns in the service provision by the powers that have been delegated.
Why is it so? Do the YOUTH even question that status? Because it suits the power hungry politicians that youth only remain as their tool or a step ladder to political employment. Incidentally, Zambian politicians have more priviledges and remunerations if in power hence their fight for power. It is rarely out of a calling to serve the country.

What we have to day is a YOUTH that appears to be a mere tool for petty politicking that has a dead or dangerous future for the country.
What we have is a boiling pot of divided youths that place their hopes on some failed experimental programs and leaderships.
What we have is a youth that has abdicated all responsibility to the past heroes instead of seeking to take charge and correct, improve or develop on our fore-father's aspirations.
What we have today is a youth that is angry and yet cannot direct the anger to the appropriate target.
What we have today is a youth that is losing hope and entertaining that as a positive power.
What we have today is a crumbling future....

The youth must unite and face the reality that Zambia is theirs. That Zambia has stopped and that it is just asking to move forward.
Political parties and personalities will come and go,but Zambia will remain.The future will judge the past and sometimes such future can be harsh and painful if not well prepared for....
My earnest and sincere appeal is that our YOUTH respect each other, the country for that is the ultimate inheritance that some past youths died for and did not enjoy the FRUITS OF THEIR STRUGGLE from enslavement and dominance.....

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